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A family-run business, since 1950 the company has been built on strong family values and principles.

We have serviced over 3 generations of customers, based on the excellent service and aftercare which we have now become renowned for.

We proudly carry on the family business, which has now reached 70 years of age. Over the time we have adapted our offer to the customer's needs, in order to deliver a wide range of services. We believe in innovation, but tradition guides us: integrity, reliability, and courtesy have always been the values ​​that inspire us in dealing with both customers and suppliers.


We have never left Bracciano, even if we have changed location: since 2009 Flamini Auto has moved from the historic headquarters in Via Claudia to the larger exhibition site in Via delle Molare, along the road that leads from Bracciano to Cerveteri.



Our services

  • Sale of new and used cars, company cars, 0 KM cars, commercial vehicles, vintage cars

  • Barter

  • Loans at low rates on new and used cars

  • Support

  • Short term rental at daily, weekly and monthly rates

  • Long-term car rental

  • Insurances against fire, theft, vandalism, glass breakage, atmospheric events, natural disasters

  • Possibility to exhibit your vehicle on consignment in our large car park, located facing the street

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